Glass Tubing & Rods

glass viles

Many of Richland’s Products are precise variations of Glass tubing and rods. Using our processes we can hold tolerances too less than one thousands of an inch, 0.001” for Outside Diameter (OD) , Inside Diameter (ID), Concentricity and Length.

Using Richland’s varied capabilities including:

  • Automatic Cutting: One piece to millions
  • Precision Boring: Id’s precise to ten thousands of an inch
  • Grinding and Polishing: OD Precise to ten thousands of an inch polished clear
  • Fire Polishing: Finishing the ends
  • Specialty Fabricating
  • Machine formed tubular vials: Cosmetic, diagnostic and analytical applications.

Applications include:

  • OEM Equipment
  • Lighting Products
  • Analytical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Richland’s Engineering Team willing custom design a solution to your glass needs.
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