Flow Restrictors & Precision Medical Glass Tubing

capillary tubes
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Capillary Tubes

Small diameter precision bore glass tubing is a specialty of Richland Glass. Use of this product is extensive in the medical field with applications in medical devices or with direct and indirect patient contact.

Delivered ready for insertion into your medical device:

  • Precision restrictors as small as 35 microns
  • Custom sizes to fit your needs
  • Restrictors for Disposable Blood Pressure Transducers (DPT).
  • Flow Restrictors for infusion pumps, saline flush devices and metering of gases.
  • Capillary Tubes for the delivery of medication or collection of blood.
  • Additionally, Richland has unique manufacturing capabilities to fabricate custom design products used in the life sciences.
  • Glass is a required and preferred material for these applications because of its desirable physical and chemical properties:

  • Chemically and physically unaffected by sterilization.
  • Inert and non-reactive with most drugs, bodily fluids, gases, etc.
  • Safe for direct and indirect human contact.
  • Dimensionally stable and able to be precision manufactured.
  • In addition to Richland’s normal quality procedures that include statistical process and quality controls, Richland offers the following quality related features for medical applications:

  • Flow testing capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing vision inspection systems.
  • Drug Master File.
  • Environmentally controlled clear room inspection and packaging.
  • cGMP.
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